A software Platform to enhance efficiency, transparency and coordination for your service contracts

Occupant demands are evolving, and the current priority for safe building re-entry requires investments at a time of real economic hardship. Building owners understand they must showcase how they are making their indoor spaces healthy and safe to get business back up and running.

Real estate managers are making immediate changes to demonstrate a commitment to improving sanitization, adjusting ventilation, enhancing indoor air quality and modifying space configuration to enable social distancing. These near-term needs can seem like trade-offs against long-term goals including energy efficiency and sustainability that were high priority pre-COVID. A data-driven and intentional approach to re-entry can ensure the occupants feel safe, without jeopardizing long-term organizational objectives however.

A plethora of cost-effective IoT solutions that can enable safe re-entry are flooding the market. These investments can be quickly deployed and offer targeted insights on space use, indoor air quality or even cleaning schedules. The challenge comes in the longer term, one more smart building solution can be just another silo that blurs the picture of overall building or even portfolio performance. This issue can be especially challenging for service partners, with longer-term performance and energy contracts committed to energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Gaining a rapid insight into connectivity and network health

Switch Dx3 offers ESCOs a new tool for transparency, monitoring and verification of project performance within customer sites or even across the entire business portfolio. The Switch Dx3 dashboard gives ESCOs visibility into building system connectivity, potential security vulnerabilities and overall network health.

This foundational insight can help ESCOs meet evolving customer demands for data-validated proof of system performance and energy efficiency because of a truly comprehensive view of energy consuming equipment and systems associated with facility operations. The Switch approach goes beyond legacy tools that access data from proprietary BMS systems with BACnet IP integration, ingesting data through APIs that capture any new IoT solutions.

This is a fundamental differentiator against other smart building solutions available today. Rather than a smart point solution that optimizes a single IoT system or enhances understanding specific to an installed BMS, the Switch approach offers a holistic view of facility performance and business operations. We understand the comprehensive nature of ESCO engagements and have curated the data ingestion, aggregation and analysis approach to align with goals of performance contracts. The success in achieving energy efficiency savings from the broad bundled measures of equipment upgrades and system installs is dependent on adherence to engineering specifications, and the continuous network visibility offered by Switch Dx3 is a new approach to support M&V requirements.

Switch Platform – insight for continuous improvement

Switch also offers a flexible approach to support ESCOs, enhancing Switch Dx3 with additional Platform analytics and controls or offering integrations for other established data platforms. For many ESCOs, the Switch Platform offers significant additional value by providing a single pane of glass through which users can view all their building systems, IoT devices and an ever-expanding set of data streams that reflect facility performance.

We partner with world-renowned technology companies including Dell, Microsoft and Intel to power this powerful, open and secure smart building Platform. This intuitive, cloud-based solution includes configurable tools with advanced business intelligence, machine learning, automation and remote control capabilities.

The Switch Platform integrates with a vast range of sensors and systems including, but not limited to:

While able to perform the role of a BMS, Switch is not a replacement for your BMS or facility manager, but rather a toolkit to leverage the data from existing facility investments and help drive efficiency and insight for FMs’ day-to-day goals. The Platform is also highly cost effective, offered through a SaaS model that typically achieves a one-year payback.

Click below to see how Switch Dx3 can help your operations team establish network health and smart building readiness.

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