Switch Automation, Oxford Properties and Microsoft Azure

Oxford Properties Group is the owner, developer, and manager of some of the world’s top real estate assets. Oxford’s portfolio encompasses 100 million square feet of office, retail, industrial, hotel, and multifamily residential space across four continents. Oxford uses the Switch Automation Platform to help enhance its existing building operations by connecting to systems and data to provide real-time visibility into building performance and implement data-driven optimization strategies. Oxford deployed Switch Dx³ across 17 buildings connected to the Switch Platform to gain a continuous audit of the devices and systems connected to its building networks.

Customer Challenges
Having a large and diverse portfolio and working with a range of systems and vendors, each with its own set of processes, means that it can be difficult for large property managers to consistently record and catalog every device connected to their buildings. Oxford Properties wanted visibility of every system and device connected to its networks across its office and retail sites in Canada. Oxford is leading the way in Canada with its robust digital facilities management plans, and it understands that having each building fully connected is the
first, crucial step in that journey.

Partner Solution
In addition to using Switch’s building analytics,
Oxford Properties deployed Switch Dx³ to scan
building systems, sensors, and devices to
continuously assess connectivity, controls
network integrity, and readiness for real-time
data collection and performance optimization.
Switch Dx³ provides an immediate digital audit of
connected building systems and devices via the
Switch Dx³ Dashboard, which displays connected
devices and data points on the building controls
network, MAC addresses, firmware versions,
device models, and manufacturers. It also
highlights potential vulnerabilities. Switch IoT
appliances are securely hosted on Azure.

Customer benefits
Switch Dx³ continuously scans Oxford Properties controls networks, detailing the connectivity of thousands of devices per site. With precise insight into each of these devices’ firmware versions, Oxford Properties ensures that every unit is online and functioning properly. Network health readings identify underperforming control networks, so Oxford Properties can monitor and optimize connectivity and response times. By identifying open and vulnerable internet ports across each site, Oxford Properties can swiftly secure them, significantly reducing the risks of network interference or security breaches. The Switch Dx³ Dashboard also displays overall digital readiness across each sites’ various systems, providing a foundation for digital portfolio management.

Thousands of devices
continuously scanned and
detailed per site,
with all firmware
and firmware versions audited.

Every site building
management system (BMS)
network response tested
, and
network health recorded.

Every site internet port
with every open
and vulnerable port identified.