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Understanding the difference between predictive vs preventive maintenance

Which maintenance style is the best fit for your organization?.

The Cost Of Doing Nothing For The Built Environment

Determining the cost of change management and value creation in digital transformation of the built environment .

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What is the difference between Black box solutions and Switch?

Striking a balance between data interpretability and accuracy of black box models and the Switch solution.

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PropTech Megatrends: Factors Shaping Our Built Environment in 2022

As we move into the new year, Switch CEO Deb Noller highlights emerging PropTech industry megatrends, and we examine how these will impact our experience of the built world.

The Value of Green Financing for the Built World

With companies and governments making ambitious pledges at COP26, there has undoubtedly been a recent uptick around the climate risk narrative and drive towards sustainability as part of the ESG discourse.

Leveraging RESET® for Healthy and Sustainable Buildings

In our introductory session of this three-part webinar series, Switch Automation Chief Operating Officer Derek Harnett and RESET® President Stanton Wong engage in a panel discussion on using the RESET data standard for measuring indoor air quality.


Switch Dx³: An on-demand building systems network assessment

Switch Dx3 now features a brand new interface, making building network scans easier to understand for new and experienced users alike.

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Celebrating our building engineers on U.S. National Engineering Week

In honor of EWeek, we’re putting the spotlight on some of our building engineers, asking why they think engineering is important, what they love about their roles and how they feel about our industry.

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Switch rolls out online training for customers and partners

Switch’s new online training center provides Platform announcements, user guides and educational resources to aid our customers’ and partners’ smart building journeys.

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What distinguishes the Switch Platform from a BMS?

Is the Switch Platform a BMS? Switch is a software layer that connects to building systems, devices, third party systems and edge devices for improved asset management across a portfolio.

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Smart building services: Easier building data integration with Switch Build

Switch Build gives immediate visibility into points and tagging across entire portfolios, while speeding up the onboarding process and making integration more consistent.

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Managing real estate in times of crisis: Adjusting occupied buildings remotely

For buildings that are still occupied during a lockdown, here are some recommendations from the Switch engineers and other industry experts to consider.

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Managing real estate in times of crisis: Remote building management for unoccupied sites

We rounded up 10 practical and agile steps to adapt your building operations for sites that have reduced or no occupancy.

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Managing real estate in times of crisis: 3 reasons smart building technology is essential

Harnessing remote analysis, reporting and control, here are the top 3 reasons that smart building tech is absolutely crucial when disaster strikes.

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The Top 5 PropTech Trends from 2010-2020

Take a look back on some of the key PropTech breakthroughs of the past decade, from the proliferation of IoT tech, to smart cities becoming a reality, to co-working changing the workplace forever.

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MIPIM PropTech 2019: 5 quotes to inspire your digital future

Here are Switch's most inspiring takeaways from MIPIM PropTech NYC 2019.

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MIPIM PropTech NYC 2019 sessions: 5 talks you won’t want to miss

Check out these 5 can't-miss sessions at MIPIM PropTech 2019.

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The Switch Platform: 3 ways to ingest data

The Switch Platform integrates with commercial building portfolios via the Switch IoT Gateway, data mapping and APIs.

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Switch weighs in on the 2019 North American GRESB Results

Property investors now want to see climate change as a quantifiable cost, and we left the GRESB events with a strong sense of how financial projection and climate change are beginning to collide.

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How many engineers does it take to optimize a lightbulb?

We explore the day-to-day activities of three Switch engineers to demonstrate how they create scalable optimization opportunities that aren’t possible with a legacy FM approach.

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Understanding the personal and financial benefits of green certification

This final part of our green building certification series investigates the financial, organizational and occupant-related benefits of investing in green certification.

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IBcon 2019: The future of FM is digital

Last week Switch sent our largest ever event team to IBcon 2019, real estate’s most comprehensive conference focused on smart buildings.

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Using smart building platforms to facilitate green certification

The right smart building platform supports green building certification, whether you’re embarking on retro-commissioning, continuous commissioning or certification interfacing.

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IBcon 2019: 7 talks you can’t afford to miss

Heading to Nashville for the biggest real estate conference of the year? Be sure to attend these 7 key IBcon 2019 sessions to make the most of your trip.

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IBcon 2019 Pre-conference: 9 must-attend events

Make the most of your time in Nashville by attending one of the IBcon 2019 pre-conference events.

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Deploying a smart building program to ensure cybersecurity

In this third and final installment of the series we discuss how a well-executed smart building program can ensure airtight CRE cybersecurity throughout your portfolio.


How to identify security vulnerabilities in your network

Completing a site audit will create a foundation for your cybersecurity strategy and further investment into a scalable smart building program.

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GRESB data quality: Progress through platforms

The GRESB Data Quality Assessment is paving the path to digital facilities management for the CRE industry.

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International Women’s Day 2019: Celebrating by hiring!

An open letter to technology professionals on International Women's Day 2019 from Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller including open jobs at Switch!.

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CRE cybersecurity series: The main risk with connected buildings

Is IoT technology to blame for the recent onslaught of CRE cybersecurity breaches, or are these vulnerabilities often pre-existing and undetected?.

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How to make building data work for you

Effective data collection and storage empowers commercial real estate teams to get actionable insights into building performance and improve their bottom line.


Top 5 #CRE Megatrends for 2019

Discover how this year will bring several ‘coming of age’ moments for the industry with Switch CEO’s 2019 CRE megatrends predictions.


Predictive facilities management: CRE’s future?

What is predictive facilities management and is it the way of the future for commercial real estate? Switch CEO, Deb Noller weighs in.


How to choose the best building management app

Deciding on which building software and mobile app your organization should use is a complex task.

IT and OT convergence yields smarter buildings

In this post we revisit one of our favorite sessions of IBCon 2018, highlighting IT and OT convergence through the eyes of two visionary leaders at Oxford Properties.

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