Celebrating the women of Switch

By Switch Automation • March 9, 2017

At Switch, we’re in the business of disruptive innovation. Our founders saw that buildings are broken so we invented a groundbreaking Platform to solve that problem while making the world a better, more sustainable place. We couldn’t do what we do without the best of the best, including the women of Switch, so we hire great people. And what defines great to us is Agility, Drive, Empathy, Passion and Talent. Our team is literally ADEPT.


Each of these five qualities is critical to succeeding both as an individual and an organization. If any one of the pillars is missing, the foundation is compromised. Without agility, you can’t make critical pivots. Without drive, you lack the motivation to push through when the going gets tough. Without empathy, you won’t understand your colleagues, customers and industry enough to make a meaningful impact for them. Without passion, you’ll never care enough to give your best. Without talent you can’t solve the problem.

Switch was my first job after university. It was a tough job market when I graduated, and quite frustrating and disheartening. When Deb reached out with an offer, I leaped at the chance. I was learning about so many new things every day; engineering, buildings, tech startups, the Switch Platform…I loved it then and I love it now.

Kate Lade, Data Scientist

That’s why we’ve handpicked the best team comprised of energy engineering, software development, building management, operations, marketing, sales, QA, design and data science experts. It’s not just our expertise that’s diverse, either. The Switch team speaks 10 different languages, and between us, we’ve visited 102 countries around the world. We understand that our diversity makes us smarter, stronger and more successful, which is why we’re celebrating the women of Switch today, International Women’s Day.

Companies with women in leadership roles perform better. And, according to Morgan Stanley, balanced gender diversity in the workplace delivers higher returns with less volatility. At Switch 33% of our team is female and 71% of our leadership roles (manager and above) are filled by women, including CEO.

So, today we say thank you to the Women of Switch. You help turn the wheels of operations, finance, design, marketing, sales, data science, QA and software development that drive our company fast into the future. We couldn’t do it without you!Women-Of-Switch



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