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Commercial Real Estate

Launch a results-driven intelligent building program to deliver an exceptional tenant experience.
There’s a wealth of data in commercial buildings, and most of it is siloed and underutilized.
Take the guesswork out of attracting and retaining tenants. With all of your building data, systems, equipment, sensors and third party information (e.g. utility bills), integrated into a single, intuitive Platform you’ll be equipped to understand and respond to tenant preferences and behaviors in real-time. You can even optimize temperature set points and schedules directly through the Platform interface to reduce hot/cold calls and optimize building maintenance.

With a data-driven approach to building optimization, we can help you develop expert retrocommissioning (RCx) and continuous commissioning (CCx) projects to uncover hidden inefficiencies, establish a proactive maintenance model and save up to 15% on energy and 10% on repairs and building maintenance annually.

What if you could prioritize, diagnose and resolve building issues remotely in minutes? The Switch Platform instantly alerts the right person on your team when a building issue arises. Our root cause analysis tools take the guesswork out of facilities management and speed up repairs. Best of all, you can configure fault detection rules and alert settings right in the Platform to filter through the noise and ensure the right people have immediate visibility into critical alerts.

You need a solution that will maximize the ROI for each unique building, but will also scale efficiently and effectively across your entire portfolio. Switch gives you the best of both worlds. With the Platform’s open architecture and advanced fault detection capabilities, you’ll identify significant savings opportunities in each building right away. Our library of alerts enables efficient portfolio-wide deployment, so you can quickly standardize best-in-class operations across all of your buildings.

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Switch Dx³
(Digital Device Discovery)

Streamline device connectivity with an on-demand building systems network assessment.


Fuel data-driven decisions with customized building performance scoring.


Identify improvement opportunities and fine tune building operations.


Accelerate savings with a tailored smart building strategy and control.

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