Connect your digital devices and systems to assess network integrity and smart building readiness

By Switch Automation • November 21, 2019

We’re proud to announce the release of Switch Dx3 (Digital Device Discovery), a tool that integrates building devices and systems to assess connectivity, data quality, network integrity and overall digital readiness.

Switch Dx3 streamlines device connectivity with an on-demand building systems network assessment, allowing users to:

  • Get an immediate overview of their building network and systems via the Switch Dx³ dashboard
  • Assess digital readiness and prepare for building performance benchmarking and optimization
  • Review their site devices’ firmware versions, integration ports and protocols, helping to identify potential network vulnerabilities
  • Understand any prerequisites for launching a smart building program

Creating a robust smart building foundation

Matthew is a Regional Facilities Manager at a global real estate investment and management firm. He manages a portfolio of Class-A residential buildings on the East Coast in the U.S. and has pushed for his organization to embrace smart building technology for years. After getting in touch with Switch, he coordinated a gateway and IP address set up, and easily connected a gateway to his first building network.

From here, Switch Dx3 scanned the organization’s network. The Platform detailed which devices were immediately able to start communicating with the Switch Platform and which were responding slowly, as well as highlighting potential network vulnerabilities in the form of open ports along with outdated firmware on some devices. This initial scan indicated that there were a handful of devices that were offline and identified miscalibrated or unconfigured devices throughout the building. Matthew’s FM team quickly recalibrated and commissioned these devices and updated the firmware, before Switch Dx3 then confirmed the devices’ improved connectivity.

This site now has a strong digital foundation for a unique and effective smart building program. Matthew and his team can now proceed with building performance benchmarking and optimization, reducing operating and energy costs while delivering an exceptional tenant experience. The Switch Dx3 dashboard is separate from Switch’s software-as-a-service, so even if Matthew and his team decide not to pursue further smart building integration, they can undertake network scanning and smart building readiness assessment at any time.

Switch Dx³ validates the 70,000+ working sensors from HVAC, lighting and metering systems across our portfolio and shows which of them are disconnected or incorrectly calibrated. Knowing that our IoT sensors are feeding accurate data back to the Platform gives my team a solid foundation to develop our smart building program.

Matthew, Regional Facilities Manager,
Global Real Estate Management and Investment Firm

Click below to see how Switch Dx3 can help your operations team establish network health and smart building readiness.

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