Facility and Operations Managers

Get real-time alerts and granular visibility into the root cause of building maintenance issues.

Access all your building and equipment data in one central, easy-to-use dashboard. Use fault detection to proactively identify, correct and optimize improvement opportunities that drive down operating costs and energy consumption while improving occupant satisfaction and employee productivity.

Matt Luciano Operations Supervisor Oxford Properties
“Switch’s software has helped us keep our automation vendor accountable and has acted as a springboard to deeper conversations on further cost savings from automation and HVAC efficiencies."
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Energy and Sustainability Professionals

Maximize your sustainability efforts with real-time data visualizations and streamlined reporting.

Use a single platform to assess energy conservation, improve sustainability performance and develop consistent reporting methodologies to manage and measure your portfolio-wide sustainability initiatives.

  Sustainability Director Commercial Real Estate Trust
“Switch Automation helps us validate data for reporting purposes. We need to be able to slice and dice information, aggregate data and visualize it seamlessly to better understand how our sustainable building operations are actually affecting energy performance."
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Senior Enterprise Leaders

Build long-term financial, employee and brand value for your enterprise through a strategic smart real estate program.

Maximize your asset value by investing in innovative CRE Tech that empowers your team to make strategic, building-intelligence-informed decisions on investments, performance, risk management and people.

  VP of Real Estate Investment Firm
“I'm not going to visit 20 vendor websites to find key information. Switch proactively gives me one dashboard to find everything I need to best maintain my properties."
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IT Managers

Bring IT and OT technology together for proven success and security.

Leverage our software and integration experts to seamlessly introduce your team to innovative, secure, cloud-based technology that scales with your organization’s needs.

  IT Project Manager Fortune 50 Technology Company
“Working with a team and software that was built with the cloud, security and scalability in mind helped our team transition from manual, fragmented operations to a central command and control model for managing our stores."
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Commercial Landlords

Attract and retain high-value tenants.

Improve tenant satisfaction and cut operating expenses with a smart building program tailored to your commercial real estate portfolio. Equip your team with real-time, prioritized alerts and root cause analysis tools so they can resolve building issues right away and prevent tenant complaints.

  Director of Operations Commercial Real Estate Owner
“We saw a 60% improvement in tenant satisfaction after implementing the Platform. With this level of optimization and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) on our HVAC systems, we reduced tenant complaints about uncomfortable space temperatures. We've always believed in a tenant-first model of service, but Switch helped us to make that belief a reality."
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Commercial and Corporate Tenants

Control your environment, costs and building performance.

Get a flexible, configurable solution to help reduce your operating expenses, even if you don't have direct access to the building management system (BMS) or building automation system (BAS). The Platform will turn your data into real insights and specific opportunities to improve occupant comfort and operational efficiency.

  Director of Workplace Fortune 500 Retail Company
“We lease our office space, so we were careful to select a solution that would lead to solid ROI for us as tenants. Switch worked with us to configure the Platform based on our priorities, which boil down to making sure that our employees are comfortable at work and that we don't have massive, unexplained spikes in our utility bills. Now we have so much more visibility into the underlying systems affecting our energy bills and after making some changes to our HVAC setpoints and schedules, employee satisfaction has improved dramatically."
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Switch delivers ROI-driven smart building programs that give teams the power to fully optimize building performance.

We help you leverage the latest CRE tech and develop a digital facilities management strategy that will fit and grow with your organization. We take pride in bringing value to a diverse group of real estate professionals, tailoring each smart building program to achieve the results that matter most.

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