Do you know who owns your building performance and usage data?

From restaurants to offices, to schools and universities, executives everywhere are grappling with how to get people back in their buildings. The challenges for these building owners and tenants may differ, but the demand for data-driven solutions that ensure public health compliance and showcase occupant safety is universal. Smart building solutions can help achieve a safe re-entry by monitoring indoor air quality, space use and social distancing. Each of these benefits is driven by data and analytics, so it’s crucial to ask – ‘who actually owns our building data?’

Does the data belong to you or your vendors?

The market is flush with point solutions for improving single systems like IoT doorway sensors and software to track people movement, or seat sensors to track density, often positioned as the silver bullet for reopening buildings in the COVID era. However, when building owners or executives realize a vision for a smart building portfolio, the multitude of individual systems installed in any single building can become a roadblock because of data ownership and access.

You may have a building automation system for scheduling heating, ventilation, and air conditioning; plus one for lighting, and a plethora of IoT technologies to monitor and track other devices all in one building. The reality is that many legacy systems operate with proprietary networks, which leaves the data ownership in the hands of vendors rather than the smart building project owner. Putting the control of your data back into your own hands allows you to take command of your operations with all buildings, all services and all teams monitored, measured and controlled in real time.

Finding the data and reclaiming ownership

Switch Dx3 (Digital Device Discovery) is a plug-and-play IoT solution to assess data access, network health, device and system connectivity. Overnight, Switch Dx3 will audit the devices and systems previously out of reach to help you optimize operations and showcase a healthy smart building ready for re-entry.

Switch Dx3 validates the connectivity and calibration of thousands of sensors, forming the necessary foundation and data stream for building performance analytics, automation and control. Customers will periodically receive a catalogue of data issues including inconsistencies in device firmware versions, integration ports and protocols, and even potential network security threats. This information is the essential leverage customers need to request further access to, and ownership of, their building data.

How data insight informs action – and further value

Switch Dx3 is a foundational element of the Switch Platform, determining digital readiness and communicating actionable insight through a single pane of glass UI. With Switch Dx3 running in the background, the Switch Platform runs powerful analytics, monitors and communicates system efficiency, and integrates with building automation systems to enable automated and continuous performance improvement.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Switch Platform utilizes building data drawn through our secure IoT appliance for BACnet IP-accessible automation systems, APIs to access data from real estate and business applications, and other diverse data streams. These diverse data inputs fuel advanced analytics to deliver actionable insights for system performance improvement. The result can be automated control of everything from HVAC, lighting and access controls to help you ensure mandates for public health are followed and occupants have the confidence to return to your buildings.

Click below to see how Switch Dx3 can help you rightfully claim ownership over your data and set you on the road to a successful and unique smart building journey.

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