Smart building services: Easier building data integration with Switch Build

Buildings generate enormous amounts of data, and making this large pool of data useful can be a daunting challenge. Multiple vendors and site teams, all with their own naming conventions, can result in thousands of inconsistently tagged and configured data points. This poses a serious problem for FM teams attempting to analyze and optimize their operational efficiency with smart building technology.

Switch Build introduces a feature set that makes the transition to a smart building portfolio easier and faster than ever. Wizards and bulk-actions help integrate thousands of sites, or hundreds of thousands of data points, to the Switch Platform at once. This gives immediate visibility into points and tagging across entire portfolios, while speeding up the onboarding process and making integration more consistent.

  • A new portfolio-wide overview makes the integration process more transparent, giving users immediate visibility into all sites, their data points, and how these are configured.
  • Smart tagging enables users to quickly assign or update data point names, types and functions in bulk.
  • Update your appliance virtually to gain remote visibility into CPU, memory and hard drive capacities.

Matthew is a Regional Facilities Manager at a global real estate investment and management firm. He manages a portfolio of Class-A residential buildings on the East Coast in the U.S. and has pushed for his organization to embrace smart building services and technology for years.

Matthew previously installed a Switch Dx³ appliance that scanned and audited the connectivity and health of all the systems, devices and points available on the site’s network. Matthew then managed the site commissioning process himself, using wizards to select the relevant data points and name them in bulk before reviewing and importing the filtered, templated and tagged points onto the Platform. Having quickly and single-handedly imported these data points, Matthew and his FM team can now apply data visualizations and fault detection across the portfolio to identify building performance optimization opportunities.

“Switch Build helped us apply Haystack tagging schemes to the 3,000+ sensors from HVAC, lighting and metering systems across this commercial site. It saved our team lots of time to bulk assign tags and make onboarding this site easy.”

Matthew, Regional Facilities Manager,
Global Real Estate Management and Investment Firm

Chat with an engineer to see how Switch Build can help your team onboard buildings quickly and easily, laying the groundwork for reliable performance benchmarking and optimization.

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