Engineering Services

Our customers want to get the most out of the Switch Automation platform to truly create smarter and more efficient buildings and operations.

Our Engineering Service team assembles our experts— engineers, retrocommissioning experts and data scientists. This team is a specialized group of building optimization / energy management / sustainability / data-geek / software-loving gurus. From planning and implementation to ongoing engineering support and technology coordination, Switch Services is the key to helping you actualize your smart building program.
Developing a smart building program is a big decision that requires coordination across the organization. Planning for a smart building solution requires a variety of steps, and we are here with you every step of the way. Switch Services helps you:

  • Document your objectives, business requirements and metrics
  • Recommend program organization structures, processes and reporting
  • Develop and track business cases, budgets, schedules and ROI
  • Audit and analyze existing building systems, equipment and devices
  • Define data tagging and naming schemes
  • Evaluate and select vendors and contractors
  • Specify customer requirements for software implementation


Switch Automation is a technology company, founded by technology pioneers in IoT and B2B data integration. Our employees are technology innovators who want to improve the state of the built environment. We believe in the power of the technology and want to make sure you do, too. Switch Engineering Services helps:

  • Design and specify technology architectures, hardware and software components
  • Define networking and security strategy and specifications
  • Bench-test proposed systems and IoT solutions
  • Recommend integration solutions for legacy devices and systems
  • Manage system integration projects (onsite and B2B)
  • Design, deploy and integrate metering, sub-metering and sensors
  • Troubleshoot devices and data feeds


Anyone in IT will tell you that achieving ROI from software requires a well-executed implementation. From device integration and software configuration to user onboarding and training, Switch Engineering Services helps:

  • Select, import, configure and verify data points, data feeds and historical data
  • Apply data naming and tagging conventions to all integrated data
  • Validate data quality, accuracy and reliability
  • Configure screens, charts, dashboards and scheduled reports
  • Set up, test and tune Smart Alerts (i.e. fault analytics or “FDD”)
  • Design, configure and test control logic (e.g. scheduling, set point standards)
  • Create user groups and set up user accounts

Our customers often want additional services to optimize their assets, streamline their operations, advise vendors or third-parties, diagnose problems, or analyze and report on large sets of data. Customer needs will vary, but Switch Engineering Services helps:

  • Measure and verify (“M&V”) performance of key systems and projects
  • Monitor and manage Smart Alerts (fault analytics) for continuous commissioning
  • Perform root cause analysis (“RCA”) of faults and identify resolutions
  • Plan and execute retrofit or retro-commissioning projects
  • Design and implement advanced control strategies (e.g. demand response)
  • Work with customers to educate staff, resolve issues and optimize systems
  • Analyze and report on portfolio operations and enterprise sustainability
  • Building Operations Control Center (“BOCC”)



We can deliver these services in a managed service model or on an as-needed basis.