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Accelerate savings with a
tailored smart building strategy and control.
Enterprise IoT is a highly tailored, enterprise-wide digital facilities management solution as unique as your organization with control functionality, unlimited tagging and queries, unprecedented interface customizability and more.

Retail Portfolio Manager

Global Technology Company

Our brand is recognized around the world as a leader in innovative technology. We’re committed to practicing what we preach in all aspects of our business, and the Switch Platform helps us manage our portfolio with the same precision, insight and care that we create our products with.
Adjust heating, lighting and security systems settings for one building or across your entire portfolio directly from the Switch Platform. Remotely adjust control settings and scheduling to avoid costly peak demand charges, improve energy utilization and ensure tenant comfort in a cost-efficient way.
Our expert IoT team conducts rigorous R&D on extensive hardware to help you measure new data sets such as card swipes, cameras, fire safety systems, etc.… to enable a data-driven approach to brand new digital work force efforts. The team is happy to offer custom recommendations that provide a consistent, scalable IoT strategy for your unique goals. And our deeply experienced driver integration development team stands ready to build custom integrations.
Uncapped, prioritized, customizable alerts enable users to dig into time-stamped sensor data to find patterns and funnel these insights into action. Streamline the time it takes to identify building issues and proactively address occupant comfort issues before you receive a complaint.
Enterprise IoT’s deep customizability enables your team to establish unique benchmarks, create custom KPIs, configure the Platform’s workspaces and tailor reporting.
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Identify improvement opportunities and fine tune building operations.

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