Environmental Monitoring

Sustainability and building wellness go hand in hand.

Switch understands that being truly green means understanding exactly how, when and where your building uses energy and we understand that getting such detailed information can be difficult. We integrate a wide range of energy reporting devices, local environmental information and renewable energy sources to help you compare building performance across your portfolio. Ultimately this visibility will inform a data-based sustainability strategy to meet LEED, NABERS, NGERS, GRESB and other green building certification goals.


Collect environmental reporting data from a vast range of sensors including temperature, humidity, lux, moisture and CO2.


Collect historical and real-time data from utilities reporting devices including water, gas electricity pulse, flow meters and thermal heat meters.


Integrate and report on the amount of water harvested, used and in storage including solar HWS, water tanks, recycled and mains water metering.

Sustainability Reporting

Integrate disparate data sources from your waste companies, paper consumption meters or travel agencies to create your green building sustainability story.


Collect and store weather readings via RSS, weather feeds and weather stations to understand building behavior in different weather conditions. Store information such as external temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure, sunlight, wind speed and humidity.

Certifications and Ratings

The aggregated data across your portfolio will directly inform a smart digital strategy to achieve sustainability accreditation goals such as NABERS and Green Star, as well as international benchmarks such as GRESB and DJSI.