Hiring top talent: Is networking the new recruiter?

By Switch Automation • January 19, 2017

Hiring top talent during the last century exhibited quite an evolution. From posting an ad in the paper, to uploading a position to an online job board, finding the right new hire looks significantly different. At Switch, we live and breathe technology. After all, it was meant to make filling positions easier, but many would argue it’s made us no better at wading through the process. So, now what?

It still takes time, people and money to find your next great hire. How, then, can a rapidly evolving tech company game the system to attract top talent? Let’s look at both sides of the story.

The Employer’s Challenge

Weeding through large volumes of applicants is an arduous process. Vetting, interviewing and negotiating can be just as strenuous. Once the right candidate signs on the dotted line, still more time and resources are spent onboarding. According to BambooHR, 31% of employees quit after the first 6 months because the role or company wasn’t a fit. Then the cycle begins again. What’s wrong with this picture?

The Candidate’s Challenge

On the flip side, the searching candidate must navigate a similar obstacle course. This person could spend weeks trolling online job boards for open positions and hours crafting the perfect cover letter in an attempt to get a foot in the door, only to receive a canned “thanks but no thanks” reply. Liz Ryan of Forbes says companies are missing out on quality recruits because of the broken hiring process.

So, how do we all save some time, money and headache? The answer is authentic connection.

Hiring Top Talent

We’ve found that the recruitment process is not unlike the Switch Platform. Gathering data, synthesizing it, creating an effective channel to deliver the right information to the right people so they can make informed decisions that result in maximized ROI for everyone.

In today’s technological world, we often undercut ourselves by looking to shortcuts to solve all our problems. What we don’t realize, is that in our efforts to maximize efficiency, we overlook the human connection that can often times bring the most value.

At Switch, we pride ourselves on discovering unique talent in unusual places. We work hard in the office and do what we love outside of work. We are travelers, sports fans, music enthusiasts, foodies, animal lovers, tech nerds and volunteers. By making time to connect with others, we form relationships that often turn into organic hiring channels.

We’ve got such a variety of people on our team. I love that everyone has different perspectives and approaches to innovation. It’s exciting to look back and see how the foundation of this company was laid brick by brick on those differences fitting together

– Deb Noller, Co-Founder and CEO

Ultimately, a chain of authentic connections helped us find our new Marketing Manager, Saylor. First, she made herself visible by reaching out to her network for resources. Second, our Global Director of Operations, Kristy, took time to volunteer an introduction, even though there was no direct benefit for her. Third, our Director of Marketing, Anne carved out time to meet in person for a chat.


I’ve been freelancing as a digital marketer for a year while actively seeking my dream job. I was beginning to worry that it didn’t exist, especially with the unusual combination of real estate and technical marketing expertise in my background. I decided to ask for some strategic marketing guidance in a network I was passionate about and, lo and behold, my dream job was waiting for me all along.

– Meghan Saylor, Marketing Manager

We’re not saying have coffee with every single one of your 1,000+ job applicants. We’re too busy disrupting the CRETech industry to do that. What we ARE saying is there are opportunities to lean on modern-day tech tools to help foster meaningful human connections.



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