IBcon 2019: The future of FM is digital

Last week Switch sent our largest ever event team to IBcon 2019, the real estate industry’s most comprehensive conference and trade show focused on smart, connected, high performing and sustainable buildings.

From conversations at the Switch booth to the wide range of topics tackled in the event sessions, one thing is abundantly clear – the real estate industry now understands the advantages of going digital.

Here are the topics at the forefront of the CRE industry according to an inspiring couple of days at IBcon 2019.

How can enterprises execute an effective digital facilities management strategy?

It’s apparent the appetite for new technology is there, but organization leaders can still be unsure on how to execute a smart building program. There’s a shortage of IT skills in the real estate industry and often a lack of budget to procure smart solutions.

Nonetheless, real estate giants like Oxford Properties and Hines are leading the way in driving innovation throughout the entire industry. In the session Innovation Programs: Creating Agile Organizations Equipped to Manage the Pace of Technology, Hines Innovation Officer Charlie Kuntz emphasized that it takes an entire team in constant communication to drive innovation. 

What exactly IS ‘digital facilities management?’ We define this as a complete digitization and use of integrated systems to automate building management processes. Learn more here.

Are cybersecurity threats unavoidable?

While no network is impenetrable, there are definite steps enterprises can take to ensure better smart building cybersecurity. It’s encouraging to hear the industry raise these concerns while more buildings are becoming IoT-connected than ever. As new sensors, systems and software updates are dispatched, buildings will only become more secure, so long as the right infrastructure, processes and people are in place.

Switch it up

We return home revitalized and pleased that the tides are turning toward a more data-driven, digital approach in the real estate industry. It’s now clear the leading building owners and operators understand that technology is an advantage in this space. Without solutions to streamline the collection and analysis of data, enterprises are missing out on a huge opportunity to optimize their assets and improve tenant satisfaction.

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