Improve profit margins with streamlined systems integration and real-time remote control.

With thin margins, the growth of e-commerce and shifting consumer trends, brick-and-mortar grocery companies must find innovative new ways to cut operating costs and boost sales.

A grocery store spends about $4 per square foot on energy, or up to 15% of overall operating costs – so energy efficiency measures are a key piece of the puzzle. But typical energy management systems (EMS) and siloed smart devices can only get you so far.

We integrate your refrigeration, lighting and HVAC systems, IoT sensors and other key data sources into a single, intuitive Platform. With advanced fault detection, prioritized alerts and machine learning, the Platform helps you optimize store operations and control costs.

Building Performance Analyst Fortune 500 Grocer, North America
“Before we started using the Switch Platform, I spent my entire year combing through a list of stores with aging lighting controllers looking for underperformers. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. With Performance Optimization, I’m much more efficient because I can just log into the Platform to see my top priorities.”
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Tired of searching for insights across countless spreadsheets? The Switch Platform centralizes, organizes and visualizes your portfolio’s store and mechanical systems and equipment so you can save time on data aggregation and gain a deeper understanding of how your stores are performing in real-time. Secure Switch IoT Gateways, a flexible, open Platform architecture and our team’s extensive integration expertise drive value with the systems and equipment that you already have in place.

With a few clicks, you can boost energy efficiency by increasing refrigeration efficiency and optimizing space temperature set points and HVAC and lighting schedules right in the Platform interface. The Platform identifies costly, hidden inefficiencies that would typically go unnoticed – such as malfunctioning equipment and incorrectly programmed controls.

With the Platform’s best-in-class fault detection tools, you get real-time, prioritized alerts about your most pressing store issues. Our root cause analysis tools help you fix issues faster and save money on technician truck rolls. You can use the Platform’s Measurement and Verification (M&V) tools to hold contractors accountable. The Platform even includes cloud-control, so you can make changes to building equipment operations from your desk.

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