Manage and report on building health and safety with Switch Workspaces

Reopening a commercial building during or after a crisis requires the careful monitoring of site trend data such as air quality and usage and great corporate communications to make occupants feel as safe as possible. Your customers and employees are probably curious about the safety of their sites and might be asking questions about usage, cleaning regularity and air quality. Now more than ever, building data is essential for answering occupant concerns.

From building occupancy and lighting systems, to HVAC status and real-time opportunity-cost tracking, Switch Workspaces provide out-of-the-box and customizable Workspaces to visualize any dataset you can imagine. Workspaces translate your portfolio’s data sets and queries into valuable, actionable visualizations for corporate reporting, lobby screens or change management efforts.

  • Create and share a Workspace Library of building data visualizations customized to your internal and external reporting needs
  • Interact with scores, faults, and performance models in real-time to manage building performance​​
  • Utilize the Switch API to sync data with Microsoft Power Bl and create totally unique reports​

“Communicating the health of your building doesn’t have to be complicated. Workspaces support many aspects of a healthy space – start with the data you already have and add to your building health metrics over time as you incorporate new data sets or IoT technologies into your buildings.”

– Rebecca Reel, Director of Smart Building Engineering

“One of our marquis customers uses Workspaces to monitor and control all of their building systems performance from single pane of glass, regardless of equipment manufacturer, to inform their tenant comfort strategy. Especially right now, they’re watching IAQ, HVAC and lighting data to bolster transparency with staff and customers about healthy workplaces.”

– Peter Rake, Global Director of Integration

“Being able to visualize different types of building data with differing degrees of granularity for customers and internal stakeholders is powerful as we return to the office. We should assume that most large tenants now know what building performance monitoring is and why it matters to the health of their workforce. For example, elevator usage is particularly controversial at the moment and this is absolutely something that Switch Workspaces can capture.”

– Patti Mason, Chief of People, Culture and Impact

“Knowing that at least one person on my team has their eye on our buildings’ occupancy and can guarantee that every site is currently adhering to our local government’s 50% maximum occupation guideline is a huge weight off my mind from a legal standpoint.”

Matthew, Regional Facilities Manager

Chat with an engineer to see how Switch Workspaces can help your team keep an eye on your building metrics in real-time.

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