Measurement & Verification

Were your efforts worth it? Answer with confidence, every time.

You’ve updated your lighting systems, installed new elevators or upgraded to solar panels. How do you determine whether these projects were effective and worth the investment? Without consistent, accurate building performance data, it can be challenging and even sometimes impossible to measure and verify project results.

The Switch Platform applies a monitoring-based commissioning approach to calculate real cost savings from energy upgrades and retrofits. Best of all, with our intuitive, user-configurable reporting functionality, you can identify trends, plan successful future projects and communicate the ROI of capital investments and service expenses to the rest of your team.

Measure the real impacts and ROI of energy upgrades and retrofits

Leverage industry standard International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) methodology

Validate your current strategy for future projects

Gain a powerful new tool for communicating and collaborating with your team on M&V

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