Switch Product Lead helps regenerate local Australian habitat | #SwitchItUpForGood

From late-2019 to early 2020, Australia was ravaged by bushfires while the world could do nothing but watch, concerned but unable to help. Driven by anthropogenic climate change, 2019 was the driest year in Australian history with rainfall well below the previous record set in 1902. The resulting bushfire devastated over 18 million hectares, killing 34 people and razing 6,000 properties.

After recently purchasing a 135-acre property in Dalgety, New South Wales, Australia, Switch Product and Design Lead Laure Salou decided to take action to help rebuild the natural habitat in her local community. Laure and her family named the property ‘Illalangi’ in tribute to Australian aboriginal culture, translating to “place on the hill,” as her home features 360 degree views of the Snowy Mountains.

Last month Laure partnered with Keep It Cool, a climate focused non-profit organization founded and operated by film-maker and environmentalist Lucas Wilkinson, and the Thredbo ski resort, who sent more than 30 employees to plant native Australian trees. 2020 should prove to be particularly opportune for regeneration efforts in the area, as the spring and summer are forecast to bring the highest volume of rainfall since 2012.

In a matter of hours, the team of volunteers planted 1,000 native tree tubestocks. Laure’s husband is also working tirelessly to manage invasive noxious weeds on the property and help aid the survival of these recently planted trees. Laure’s young son Lenny also lent a hand.

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“The increasingly severe climate crisis can make the decision to have kids a difficult one. And as just one person, it’s hard to feel hopeful and think that you can make a difference – but you can.

Acting for, and committing to, environmental initiatives can take many different forms. We can educate our children and those lacking in knowledge, plant trees, minimize our waste and more. It might feel like you can’t do much on your own, but if each of us starts to take the initiative, we can go a long way toward stopping this climate emergency,” said Laure.

As a company originally founded in Australia, Switch would like to thank Laure, her husband, Lenny, Keep It Cool and Thredbo for their inspiring efforts. Connect with Laure below.

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