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Create a future-proof portfolio of smart stores and generate savings through predictive maintenance.
The retail industry is undergoing a massive shakeup.

Retail Portfolio Manager

Global Technology Company

Tired of digging for insights in countless disconnected spreadsheets? The Switch Platform integrates data from your store systems, store equipment and IoT devices across your entire portfolio. With all of your retail facilities data centralized, organized and visualized in a single, intuitive Platform, you’ll save significant time on data aggregation and gain a deeper understanding of how your stores are performing.
Align facility operations with your brand image and standardize best-of-breed service across your stores. With your portfolio-wide store information on the Platform, you’ll get in front of critical signage, safety and security, equipment, inventory and staffing issues before they negatively impact sales.

With a few clicks, you can boost energy efficiency by optimizing temperature setpoints and HVAC and lighting schedules right in the Platform interface. The Platform identifies hidden inefficiencies that would typically go unnoticed – such as malfunctioning equipment and misprogrammed building management system (BMS) controls.

We equip your facilities services teams for proactive and preventive maintenance. With the Platform’s best-in-class fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) tools, you’ll get real-time, prioritized alerts about your most pressing building issues. Fix issues faster and save money on technician truck rolls with our root cause analysis tools. Best of all, our secure IoT appliance enables you to control building equipment remotely from the Platform.

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Switch Dx³
(Digital Device Discovery)

Streamline device connectivity with an on-demand building systems network assessment.


Fuel data-driven decisions with customized building performance scoring.


Identify improvement opportunities and fine tune building operations.


Accelerate savings with a tailored smart building strategy and control.

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