Smart Communities

We are the pioneer and market leader in delivering simple, flexible and economical solutions for apartments and multi-residential dwellings. We use a single IP network for all services from security and access control to communications and lighting. This costs less to install and maintain than integrated building systems, is easily updatable and offers residents customizable services and living environments. Because our platform is cloud-based, we offer remote building management and offsite building control, providing security and peace of mind for owners and managers.


Incorporate intercom, inter-room calling and telephone systems into your user interface.

Access Control

Initiate a series of commands via the front intercom to control building entrants.


Control your security requirements including: Fobs, cards and keypads.


Incorporate any sensors, devices or sub-systems including lighting and HVAC controls, movement sensors, cameras and more.


Real time and historical information to your residents about electricity, water and gas consumption.

Company Brand

Build a brand that’s known for providing communities with the smartest technologies and a consistent user experience.