Streamline facilities management with smart building app

Switch’s smart building app helps facilities professionals optimize building performance in real-time, from anywhere.

The Switch smart building app extends the power of the Switch Platform beyond the desktop, allowing users to:

  • Evaluate and action prioritized alerts directly from their smart phone or tablet
  • Assign tasks to team members and communicate real-time progress
  • Document findings and validate repairs by uploading pictures right from
    their device
  • Resolve issues and receive notifications that keep their entire organization informed of the latest portfolio improvements

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Taking building performance to the next level

Ryan is a Regional Facilities Manager at a global real estate investment and management firm. He manages five Class-A office buildings in Seattle and often commutes between sites, correcting issues as they occur and checking in with the various maintenance teams he oversees.

For the last three years, Ryan has used the Switch Platform to optimize system and equipment performance. With the release of the new Switch smart building app, Ryan can now access critical operations information from beyond his desk. He’s able to remotely view and manage his priorities using the app’s customizable Events and Task assignment features, while simultaneously reducing issue resolution time and improving cross-team communication.

The Switch smart building app in action

While commuting between sites, Ryan received a mobile Alert from the Switch Automation App that the hot water loop in one of his major office buildings was not meeting the temperature setpoint. The onsite Facility Manager had already created a new Event to investigate this Alert on the Switch Platform, including notes from the preliminary investigation and a screenshot of the trend data. The Event detailed how the boiler and circulation pump were operational but the loop remained below setpoint so they’d determined the boiler’s bypass valve was stuck open.

Ryan pulled over and quickly assigned a Task to the onsite FM authorizing the dispatch of a technician. Later that day, the technician arrived on-site and, prior to fixing the broken bypass valve, uploaded a photo of the actual valve position and the current command from the control system verifying it was indeed stuck open while it was commanded closed. Ryan received the Alert and made a comment approving the repair, thus allowing the vendor to restore circulation of hot water to the building.

As he was driving home, Ryan received a final mobile alert from the onsite FM that the vendor had completed the repair. From his driveway, Ryan opened the app, returned to the Event and verified that loop water temperatures and plant operation were indeed back to normal. Ryan changed the Event from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Resolved,’ and joined his family for dinner, pleased to have avoided tenant complaints.

“The Switch Automation App gives my team access to our portfolio data wherever we are, as well as the ability to communicate about and resolve issues in real-time. My techs and I can quickly coordinate with our vendors and validate their work, which helps us avoid overspending and repeat issues. The prioritized alerts help us to not only work more efficiently but to find problems before they cause tenants to complain.”

Ryan, Regional Facilities Manager, Global Real Estate Management and Investment Firm

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