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A smart building platform in your pocket.
The Switch smart building app empowers busy facilities

professionals to optimize building performance in real-time, from anywhere. Monitor and manage mobile alerts, task assignment, cross-team chat and image uploads directly from your phone.

Regional Facilities Manager

Global Real Estate

The Switch Automation App has completely transformed the way my team works. The App made it much easier for me to assign tasks on-the-go and confirm repairs with third parties, particularly while I travel between sites. Now we receive fewer complaints from our occupants and instead of fighting fires my team now tries to prevent onsite problems before they occur. Nowadays I actually find myself using my phone far more often than my laptop as I seem to get more done.

Keep your team informed about the status of building performance status, issues and their resolution.

Assign tasks to specific team members and collaborate from anywhere to swiftly solve building performance issues.

Monitor site issues and validate repairs by sharing pictures, screenshots and more.

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Why Switch?

One Platform, infinite possibilities.

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