Switch Dx3 installed at 14,115 ft at Pikes Peak visitor center

Dubbed ‘America’s Mountain,’ Pikes Peak is the highest summit of the southern front range of the Rocky Mountains, sitting at 14,115 feet above sea level and hosting more than 600,000 visitors every year. Located 12 miles west of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, the mountain is named in honor of American explorer Zebulon Pike.

Images from the southern front range of the Rocky Mountains

Switch partner BranchPattern, along with many unique stakeholders, helped design the Pikes Peak Summit Complex, a $60M construction spanning 38,000 sq. ft. With the goals of net zero energy and net zero water use, the BranchPattern team informed architectural concepts, materials and systems to minimize energy use.

The Pikes Peak Summit Complex visitor center

Our team recently brought Switch Dx3 to the Pikes Peak Summit Complex. By connecting Switch Dx³ and the Switch Platform to this bioclimatic and regenerative property, BranchPattern now verifies that building devices and systems are connected to the site network while remotely monitoring system performance. Remote monitoring is particularly valuable for this site because of its isolated location and the harsh weather conditions.

The Switch team onsite

Leveraging Switch’s integration capabilities, BranchPattern captured the outputs of their energy modeling and built benchmarks in the Switch Platform. Using the Platform’s analytics, the team now monitors the site’s performance against these benchmarks in real-time, diagnosing issues affecting performance. They will then communicate with the City of Colorado and their contractors to promptly address any future performance deficiencies.

“As the site energy modelers and MEP systems designers, no one is going to be held to account more than us post-occupancy. Using the Switch Platform for monitoring-based commissioning lets us know from day one how the building is performing against design. The Switch Platform is adding real value for the City of Colorado, and we’re excited to provide visualizations of site spaces through the Workspaces functionality in the near future.”

Pete Jefferson, Principal, BranchPattern

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