Switch HQ moves to The Alliance Center, doubling down on sustainability efforts

We’re proud to announce Switch headquarters’ recent move to The Alliance Center, giving us more space to expand our team, host events and collaborate with sustainability organizations in the Denver metro area.

We’re excited to share a building with these green leaders and work alongside groups that share our passion for bringing people and planet to the center of building operations.

What is The Alliance Center?

Centered around collaboration, The Alliance Center is a multifaceted nonprofit, home to organizations with a sustainable mindset. It’s the highest scoring LEED Platinum-certified building in Colorado, boasts an Energy Star rating of 91 and was the first building to pursue ARC certification in the state, among other accolades.

The building is home to companies like The U.S. Green Building Council Colorado (USGBC), Urban Land Institute and The Southwest Energy Efficiency Project. Switch is excited to cooperate with these organizations and foster future partnerships, starting with The Alliance Center itself.

Becoming a sustainability hub

Located in the heart of central Denver, The Alliance Center building has a history that goes back as far as 1908. In 1997 however, the Colorado Environmental Coalition (now Conservation Colorado) moved into the space. By 2004, eight more nonprofits had moved in, leading to the co-founding of the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado (now The Alliance Center). This launched the physical hub that we know today–a place where local public-interest organizations pool resources on projects and collaborate with other sustainable-minded groups.

Switch and The Alliance Center plan to deploy Switch Dx³ and implement performance optimization, to capture and analyze data on solar, battery storage, HVAC, submetering and renewables to improve building performance even further.

Say hello

We’d love to have you stop by our new offices to check out how we use our NOC (Network Operations Center) to enable digital facilities management for our customers, take a tour of the building or just grab a beer with our team on a Friday afternoon. Reach out via email or connect with me on LinkedIn to set up a time to come by!

Check out this video, featuring Chris Bowyer, Director of Facilities Management at The Alliance Center, and me, Patti Mason, Vice President of Operations at Switch, to learn more about our recent move.

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Photo credit: The Alliance Center Facebook page