Switch rolls out online training for customers and partners

Switch’s new online training center provides Platform announcements, user guides and educational resources to aid our customers’ and partners’ smart building journeys. Our aim is to share knowledge of digital facilities management, improve the skills of existing digital engineers and create new ones along the way. Totally open and accessible for all Switch customers and partners, our help center is divided into three sections:

‘Welcome’ features articles detailing new product releases and other Switch news.

‘Using the Switch Platform’ includes an extensive range of user guides detailing how to use the Platform. All aspects of the Platform are described here, including everything from fundamental terminology to Platform workflows, viewing building data, analyzing data and utilizing system control.

‘Resources’ contains a range of helpful resources including e-books, case studies, webinars, videos and product descriptions. Partners and customers alike can use these documents to enrich their knowledge of smart building tech and its benefits.

While user guides are organized by user type for simplicity, all resources are readily accessible for users looking to gain more value out of the Platform. Moreover, we’re continuously adding new product release information and news, so users are encouraged to check in regularly.

“The new Switch Help Center reflects our relentless drive to push the burgeoning smart building industry forward. This online training center features a range of simple user guides all in one place, allowing anyone to learn how to leverage a smart building platform. We will be updating our resource hub continuously, so please let us know if there is something you’d like to see there.”

– Rebecca Reel, Director of Smart Building Engineering

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