Switch Spotlight: Pritesh Kare

Hi Pritesh! As a Digital Building Engineer at Switch, can you walk us through what your day-to-day looks like?

My day involves applying my experience and knowledge in the building automation industry to mine the data collected on our robust Switch Platform. After mining and analyzing the datasets using trends or patterns, we generate insights that ultimately turn into opportunities for improving clients’ operations.

At Switch, we help clients in their digital transformation journey. We focus on providing clear findings to our stakeholders that align with KPIs to meet their ESG goals and make their operations more efficient. Therefore, our responsibilities are not limited to identifying the opportunities but to take a step further in our clients’ integrated operations.

Another exciting part of my work involves training our internal team members on our platform and other aspects of BMS or Control. Overall, at Switch we work as a family and are customer-centric in getting the work done efficiently.

Any interesting projects you’re working on?

With every project at Switch, each client comes with different aspects of operation, priorities, expectations, problems and leadership KPIs which makes every project especially interesting!

We are presently working with CapitaLand based in Singapore. We are working closely on providing insights on operational and energy optimization. This would be a breakthrough solution in the era of Smart Buildings!

What were you doing before joining Switch?

During my tenure of 14+ years, I pursued different roles starting from being a Graphic Designer for SCADA to a Technical Consultant/Project Manager for large & iconic projects around the globe.

Throughout half of my working years, I engaged in the deliveries for remote engineering that involves hardware design, control software, graphic design, and additional support relating to automation and control projects.

I was involved in many iconic projects like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Metro, Sakhalin Energy’s largest LNG Plant and many more to provide onsite commissioning and testing support!

What drew you to join Switch? Share your journey with us.

After working in the building automation industry for more than a decade, it was time for me to try something more exciting and futuristic and significantly impact our society!

Early on, my career focused on making buildings more comfortable, secure and accessible to users. This journey I have started with the Switch will leverage me to contribute to making these buildings more energy-efficient, more sustainable with reduced carbon emissions across their operations.

What has been most fulfilling or rewarding for you while working in Switch?

Definitely the Switch vision and mission! Switch brings people and planet to the center of building operations with the help of enterprise smart building software and analytics. Not only does Switch help enterprises drive NOI, but we’re impacting the planet. When you know that your day-to-day work is impacting society towards sustainability, that’s a most rewarding and fulfilling moment for me!

Second favourite would be our leadership. I firmly believe leadership plays a critical and vital role in the organization’s growth, and ultimately that gets linked with your growth. I foresee that there will be plenty of opportunities waiting for everyone at Switch.

What are some of the development tools you specialize in?

Usually, we work with various tools in our day-to-day work. Within our Platform features of “Build” and “Applications” I mainly work on Logic and Site Analysis, which are my biggest strengths. In Logic, you can put all your thoughts and ideas that eventually become an opportunity for client operations.

Site Analysis would be a potent weapon on the Switch Platform to understand the big picture of integrated operations of customers’ facilities. It allows you to try and compare different parameters from different assets for better analysis and visualizations.

Any challenges you faced in managing various buildings and portfolios, and how did you overcome them?

For any analyst, every day comes with new challenges and that is the most thrilling part which I love about my profession.
One of the more common challenges in our industry is making clients realize that there is room for improvement in their current operations. This realization would be the first milestone in the client’s journey towards digital transformation of their facilities.

To overcome this challenge, we usually try to utilize our robust platform and tools to make the perfect visuals and represent the data in a way that anyone and our capable team members can understand to strengthen our findings from a technical standpoint.

Once we succeed with this milestone, our clients’ engagement becomes more robust, making the entire project lifecycle journey smoother and a successful one.

Any significant opportunities you found that enables customers to see the value of our solutions?

Every opportunity we peruse for our customers always creates greater value from our solutions.

Often, the operator tends to resolve the issues/problems using temporary fixes for faster resolutions. As those are temporary fixes, eventually issues continue to arise in some cases. Traceability around the opportunities would be the solution provided as a product feature within the Switch Platform, enabling users to refer to past actions taken while getting a granular understanding of issues and make informed decisions through root cause analysis.

What is the biggest differentiator of Switch within the Proptech industry?

Being an early player in this market, Switch has a robust and integrated platform along with greater flexibility for the customization and faster integration turnaround time.

What do you find most exciting about working in PropTech?

It would be the rate of evolution around technology, trends, products that are the most exciting part of being in PropTech.

You see, everyday there is something new coming into the industry. People in PropTech are eager to try something new in their facilities to make them more automated and intelligent. This is what keeps us pushing harder to upskill and keep up to date with trends and technology, and as I love learning new things, PropTech is the right place to keep me excited all the time!

How would you recommend or advice anyone looking to get into the built environment and PropTech industry get started?

If you want to contribute to society and work for a better cause, if you want to be a part of revolution towards sustainability then Switch Automation is the right choice.

If you’re looking to expand your career or explore your potential in the PropTech or smart building industry,

we are actively recruiting for roles across our global offices, and you’ll find the latest opportunities on our Careers page.

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