Why people, culture and a shared purpose keep Switch thankful in 2020

In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 fundamentally changed the way we live, work and commute. The real estate industry was one of the worst affected in 2020 – stock and property value came under pressure with millions facing hardship and occupants working from home en masse. Beyond these financial concerns however, the ongoing global pandemic highlighted our shared responsibility to protect one another’s health. Here at Switch, we took the opportunity to revise our day-to-day processes to be more resilient in the face of future local and global crises.

One positive thing we’ve observed throughout this global crisis has been the heightened interest in digitization and smart building tech adoption. We’re delighted to have seen as much smart building tech adoption in the last two months as in the past two years, as building owners and operators experience first-hand how a lack of data and remote access impacts their teams and tenants.

Despite the adversity of the ongoing pandemic, we believe it remains crucial to find the positives of 2020, particularly as our Denver team prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving remotely in the U.S.

“This Thanksgiving I’m most thankful for the scope and importance of our work. Fire, nor pandemic, nor typhoon, nor time or technology limitations stop the need to operating buildings and operate them well – that’s our real mission. I’m also thankful for our people and their determination in getting us through 2020, despite the unique challenges of this year.”

– Rebecca Reel, Director of Smart Building Engineering

“I’m thankful to collaborate with a team that keeps me continually learning. Aside from giving the ol’ noggin a good exercise, I love that my role helps me connect with interesting people from different places.”

– Cameron Bean, Partner Account Manager

“I am thankful for the Switch Kids program connecting my 9-year-old to other Switch employees’ kids from all around the world. My son still talks about the experience and how he would like to travel to Manila and Sydney one day.”

– Patti Mason, Chief of People, Culture and Impact

“The technology is best in class and we’re increasingly being recognized for that, but the thing that I’m the most thankful for is the team and culture we’ve built together. When I look around our team, they’re people that I genuinely love and admire who stay in the trenches and pull out all the stops to get things done. If someone has to work late on a Saturday night, they’ll do it.

We’ve created a culture where each employee feels it’s their company and we’re all building something together. I’m really pumped about that.”

– Deb Noller, CEO

Our team includes some of the world’s leading building experts, sustainability gurus, energy engineers, data scientists and master systems integrators. With headquarters in the U.S., an office located in Singapore and development led out of Australia, we apply diverse perspectives to solving built world challenges. Everyone at Switch shares the same motivation that drives our co-founders: we create technology to bring people and planet to the center of building operations. Our team couldn’t do this without our visionary customers and partners however, who play a key role in helping drive the industry forward every day.

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