Three things CRE leaders must do to usher in the digital future of real estate

Imagine: the year is 2030 and the entire world is smart, connected and digitized. Coworking and workplace-as-a-service redefined the real estate industry over the past decade. Tenants are more demanding and profitable and want to know how your space helps them attract the best talent.  

Are you armed with the building data needed to convince prospective tenants that your space fosters the greatest productivity?  

Real estate is the largest industry and the last to be transformed by technology. This leaves a huge opportunity for enterprises to be more sustainable and profitable using building data you’re likely already collecting. The biggest question faced by real estate leaders is simple – WHO will lead your company on this digital journey?  

In our latest video Switch CEO Deb Noller paints a picture of the real estate industry’s technological transformation and how companies must adapt to stay competitive.

Watch to learn the three crucial steps to take to lead your enterprise into the connected future.


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