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Ready to see how smart building technology is transforming today’s enterprises and the built environment?

Switch Dx³ release update: Auto-commission building systems, assess smart building readiness

Join Rachel Kennedy, CCNA, EIT, Digital Solutions Engineer at Switch, as she walks us through the updated release of Switch Dx³ – a building commissioning tool that continuously scans for all compatible systems, firmware versions, sensors and devices—highlighting connectivity, network integrity and risks.

Monitoring-based commissioning using a smart building platform

Carrie Nakamoto of BranchPattern’s smart building team and Jorde Ranum of Switch Automation share case studies for combining advanced analytics software with building automation systems to assure facilities are efficient, safe and healthy. Learn how smart building technologies help extend the operating life of facilities, and how automated building data can help re-entry post-COVID while maintaining energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Iot sensors occupant health

Using IoT sensors & digital facilities management to maximize building health

In this webinar recording, you’ll discover how digital facilities management allows you to measure, verify and communicate the health of your buildings to tenants. Efficiently manage your buildings by focusing on the indoor air quality of spaces that are occupied in real-time, and learn how to maximize the health of your buildings through sensor data.

Smart building budget planning during a global crisis

Watch this webinar recording from Switch and independent research firm Verdantix to learn how budgeting for and implementing smart building technology improves resiliency and increases revenue for real estate companies.

An Introduction to Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery)

Global Director of Integration Peter Rake provides a step-by-step introduction to Switch Dx3, demonstrating how to connect your building’s systems to assess and report on data connectivity, network integrity and overall smart building readiness.

UpTech Interview: How IoT and automation create value from building data

Alex Ferguson from UpTech Report chats with Switch CEO Deb Noller on the huge potential of digitization in the real estate industry.

Unlocking the Value of Building Data

In this video produced by DisruptCRE, Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller outlines how owners and developers can take advantage of the new business models and revenue created by digital facilities management.

Workplace Strategy and Tenant Amenities

In this video produced by DisruptCRE, Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller moderates a discussion around developing an effective workplace strategy to increase tenant satisfaction and retention.

Developing a Smart Building

In this video produced by DisruptCRE, Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller moderates a discussion around developing a smart building to enhance occupant experience and maximize the value of building data.

Introduction to Enterprise IoT

Introduction to Enterprise IoT

Create an enterprise-wide smart building program as unique as your organization with unlimited tagging and queries, control functionality and far more.

Enterprise IoT is a highly tailored, enterprise-wide smart building program as unique as your organization with control functionality, unlimited tagging and queries, unprecedented interface customizability and far more.

Introduction to Performance Optimization

Introduction to Performance Optimization

Extract real-time building data from your portfolio’s systems and equipment, then triage the most pressing building issues to drive operational savings straight to your bottom line.

Leverage data-based retrocommissioning and continuous commissioning to optimize how building equipment and systems function together.

Introduction to Performance Benchmarking

Introduction to Performance Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking creates simple performance and equipment scores, quickly identifying your best and worst performing buildings.

Organize and visualize building data with interactive Workspaces, establish Performance Scores based on industry standards and prioritize optimization opportunities.

The Three Steps to Smart Building Integration

Three ways the Switch Platform collects data from buildings

From the Switch IoT appliance, to data mapping processes, to APIs, here are the three main ways the Switch Platform draws data.

Why rely on disparate systems, manual processes and outdated data to manage properties and guide critical decisions? Choose a solution that goes beyond traditional building management and forms the foundation of a data-driven smart building program. Switch Automation helps enterprises make better operational decisions with real-time insights that empower action.

Facilities management as we know it is dead featured image

Facilities Management as We Know It is Dead

Facilities management as we know it is dead. Learn about the emerging world of digital facilities management from Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller.

Mobile App

How to Leverage a Smart Building App

Listen to this free webinar to learn how a smart building app will help you streamline your facilities management.

Smart, Connected Retail Facilities

Curious how smart building technology can save your company 15% on energy and 7% on maintenance? Watch this webinar to discuss how to improve retail store operations and equipment performance.

Smart grocery store

The Case for Integrated Grocery Facilities

Interested in integrating your siloed building and mechanical systems to improve grocery store operations? Learn how you can use smart building software to reduce spending on maintenance and repairs and save 15% on energy.


3 Steps to Launching an ROI-Driven Smart Building Program

Learn how to maximize the return on your smart building program by leveraging an evaluation roadmap. Hear from Bruce Duyshart, author of Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences. and Switch’s Aaron Lapsley.

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