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Introduction to Performance Benchmarking

Performance Benchmarking creates simple performance and equipment scores, quickly identifying your best and worst performing buildings. Organize and visualize building data with interactive Workspaces, establish Performance Scores based on industry standards and prioritize optimization opportunities.


Introduction to Building Intelligence

Use the plug and play Switch IoT gateway to dig real-time data out of your buildings. Connect and integrate building systems to assess system connectivity, data quality, network integrity and overall readiness for a smart building program. Building Intelligence connects your building’s systems to assess data connectivity, network integrity and overall readiness for your smart building program. The Switch IoT gateway connects to, and integrates with, existing systems such as building management systems (BMS), HVAC, lighting, metering, cameras and access control.


Three ways the Switch Platform collects data from buildings

From the Switch IoT Gateway, to data mapping processes, to APIs, here are the three main ways the Switch Platform draws data. Why rely on disparate systems, manual processes and outdated data to manage properties and guide critical decisions? Choose a solution that goes beyond traditional building management and forms the foundation of a data-driven smart building program. Switch Automation helps enterprises make better operational decisions with real-time insights that empower action.


Facilities Management as We Know It is Dead

Facilities management as we know it is dead. Learn about the emerging world of digital facilities management from Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller.


How to Leverage a Smart Building App

Listen to this free webinar to learn how a smart building app will help you streamline your facilities management.


Smart, Connected Retail Facilities

Curious how smart building technology can save your company 15% on energy and 7% on maintenance? Watch this webinar to discuss how to improve retail store operations and equipment performance.


The Case for Integrated Grocery Facilities

Interested in integrating your siloed building and mechanical systems to improve grocery store operations? Learn how you can use smart building software to reduce spending on maintenance and repairs and save 15% on energy.


3 Steps to Launching an ROI-Driven Smart Building Program

Learn how to maximize the return on your smart building program by leveraging an evaluation roadmap. Hear from Bruce Duyshart, author of Smarter Buildings. Better Experiences. and Switch's Aaron Lapsley.

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