If you are tired of dealing with old fashioned building management systems,

if the number of hardware and software solutions you support across your operations is overwhelming,

if you want better oversight of your vendors and contractors,

if you believe there must be a better way of managing enterprise operations,

if you want to embark on a smart buildings program but don’t know where to start,

or if you’re under pressure to find operational cost savings quickly, affordably and with the ability to scale…

then Switch Automation is your go-to technology partner.

Switch Automation is much more than a building management system,

or an environmental reporting database, or a fault detection and diagnostics package.

We provide a full-featured smart building management platform for all of your buildings, for all of your data, for all of your operations and for all of your team.

We provide a software layer that integrates all of the disjointed monitoring and energy metering devices and sub-systems in your building.

Then we collect and post your building portfolio data to the cloud where you can analyze, automate and control in real-time.

Don’t worry, our expert team will partner with you to implement a strategic smart buildings program to save time, money and resources across your portfolio.

We’re more than a superficial building management system. We’re the IoT for buildings.

We know you’re busy, so let’s keep this simple:



Your buildings are disconnected and have various systems with portfolio data scattered throughout the organization.



We can deliver you a low-risk, high-rewards program for your buildings to create tangible ROI for your business.



Check out some of our favorite customer success stories.

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