Our Story

More than two decades ago, two software engineers in northern Australia began dabbling in the world of freight tracking
software. They loved creating technology solutions that helped track, manage and increase efficiencies for outdated shipping processes, but saw an even bigger opportunity to create massive efficiency gains in real estate management. So they set out to create a platform that would help fundamentally change the way that the world manages buildings.


The Switch Platform has world-wide acclaim for being the first of its kind— a full featured IoT platform for real estate that can deliver at scale. Compared to traditional building systems, this technology enables customers to integrate all of their buildings at lightning speed and at a fraction of the cost.


Today our team’s expanded to include some of the world’s top building experts, sustainability gurus, energy engineers and building software implementation specialists— totaling 175+ years of combined tech experience and 115+ combined building industry experience. With offices in Australia, the U.S., the Philippines and Ukraine, we hail from infinite backgrounds, all inspired by the same motivation that our co-founders set out with—changing the way that we build, manage and operate buildings.


Along with our customers, we’re working to do just that. From the world’s leading banks, to universities; real estate management companies to retail stores; the largest technology companies in the world to global communications service providers, we partner with our customers to make ‘smart buildings programs’ the new business norm.