Switch in Action

Person holding glass plate

Testing Laboratory | Chemika

Chemika utilizes Switch Automation to run mission-critical operations and avoid costly system upgrade requirements.

Skyline at night

Financial Institution | NABERS

A leading investment house in Australia, worked with Switch to understand how their portfolio performs against individual NABERS ratings to improve accountability, resourcing and gain a competitive advantage.

Inside of a mall

CRE | Shopping Mall

CRE owner identifies and repairs 12 RTUs that weren’t responding to BMS commands in a shopping mall.

Building's interior

CRE | Class A Office

High rise office building uses fault detection to diagnose a control failure in the boiler and immediately save $20K annually.

Clothes rack

Performance Optimization | Retail

Retail portfolio identifies $57,000 in operational savings opportunities by integrating HVAC controls, lighting controls and UPS systems in the Switch Platform.

Vegetables in grocery

Grocery | Global Supermarket Chain

Fortune 50 Grocer identified 60 benchmark performance deviations across 150 U.

Pedestrian lanes

Switch Enterprise IoT | Tech Retailer

A global technology retailer uses Switch Enterprise IoT to future-proof their real estate portfolio and save 11% on annual energy costs.

City and ocean

CRE | Oxford Properties

Oxford Properties uses Switch Performance Optimization to connect systems and data to provide real-time visibility into building performance and implement data-driven optimization strategies to save $160k in 3 months.


Switch Control | Leading Property Manager

Leading property manager uses the Switch Platform to remotely optimize HVAC controls, increasing overall site energy efficiency by 5%.

Power supply

Partner | NHP

Having saved 47% in annual energy savings in their own headquarters, leading electrical engineering products company wins new business and delivers more value to existing customers by becoming a Switch Distributor.

Inside of a mall

Performance Benchmarking | CRE

Premier shopping center uses Switch Performance Benchmarking to confirm rooftop unit upgrades and hold third-party FM vendor accountable.

Inside of a mall

Switch Control | Retail

Global tech company fixes overcycling compressors directly from the Switch Platform, reducing cycling by 40% and extending unit longevity.


Performance Optimization | Hyperdome shopping center

See how Austec partnered with Switch to lower energy use by 12.

A building and a tablet

Switch Automation, Oxford Properties and Microsoft Azure

Oxford Properties Group is the owner, developer, and manager of some of the world’s top real estate assets.

Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery) | Real Estate Owner

A real estate owner uses Switch Dx3 to begin smart building integration, measuring site readiness and optimizing device and network performance.


2018 in Review | Global Tech Retailer

A Fortune 100 tech company slashes energy consumption by 7% and reduces truck rolls by 37% with the Switch Platform.

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