IBCon 2018 Insiders’ Guide: 8 ways to accelerate your smart building journey

Entitled The Age of Acceleration: Navigating Global CRE Technology and Innovation, IBCon 2018 takes place at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas on June 5– 7. Business as usual will no longer cut it; and building professionals are seeking technologies, business models and strategies to advance their companies.

IBCon stands out because it is arguably the only event specifically geared toward smart buildings and the professionals working behind them. This year marks the 20th anniversary of this premier industry event and the Realcomm Advisory Board are working hard to ensure that attendees will hear from world-class speakers, identify business solutions, compare vendors, level-up skills and gather game-changing takeaways. I recommend the below to get the most out of the conference.

1. Curate your schedule and divide to conquer

IBCon 2018 offers a huge range of education tracks, with lots of unique sessions within each track. Take a fine tooth comb to the IBCon 2018 schedule before the conference and decide which events align with your individual and company goals. Since it will be impossible to attend all the sessions on your own, coordinate attendance with your colleagues so you can share findings.


2. Business cards

Take the time to check your business cards well before the event to make sure they’re simple and effective, making your role and contact details clear. I’d recommend taking at least 80 business cards with you to any serious, multi-day industry event. Don’t be shy giving them away, either.


3. Take advantage of pre & post-conference sessions

IBCon 2018’s Pre and Post Conference Events on the 4th, 5th and 8th consist of forums, roundtables, summits and boot camps – like this one hosted by Intelligent Buildings. These are innately collaborative, so bring your team members and don’t forget to save your seat by making reservations in advance.


4. Don’t miss the keynote

The IBCon keynote seems to get better every year, and usually offers a useful overview of the industry and current trends. This year’s keynote— ‘Navigating in the Age of Acceleration – A Global Real Estate Powerhouse Weighs In,’ will suggest what it takes to keep up with and understand new technology, rethink strategies and work smarter than ever.


5. Soak up the speakers

As always, the IBCon 2018 lineup features a range of impactful leaders from industry-leading organizations such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and Intel. There’s often dynamic conversation in the breakout sessions and panels, so be sure to capitalize on their experience by joining the conversation.


6. Get posting and sharing

Don’t forget to follow Realcomm on Twitter to stay on top of the latest thought leadership and ideas. Share your photos and observations with the Realcomm community to align your brand with industry innovators while connecting with other companies in attendance.


7. Take advantage of the exclusive IBCon Meetups

The 5th of June will be packed with exclusive Meetup events including biking, gaming, shooting and indoor skydiving. These present a great chance to get out of your hotel room and build relationships in a more dynamic environment. Take a closer look here.

8. Unwind at reception drinks

The 5th and 6th will finish with reception drinks, so take the chance to unwind and get to know the other attendants without the usual inhibitions. The receptions, like this one at CliQue, are a more intimate way to make meaningful connections and expand your industry relationships.

IBCon 2018’s potential

At an event of this magnitude, there’s tremendous potential to discover, connect and innovate. IBCon 2018 helps us evolve the way we manage buildings beyond the status quo and pave the way for a sustainable smart buildings future. Take advantage of these tips, and you’ll be well-positioned for a successful experience.

I’ll be at the Intelligent Buildings Reception at CliQue so be sure to come say hello.