International Women’s Day 2019: Celebrating by hiring!

An open letter to technology professionals on International Women’s Day 2019 from Switch Automation CEO Deb Noller

Dear technology enthusiasts,

Happy International Women’s Day 2019! Whether you are a woman, employ one, work for one or collaborate with one, today’s the day we celebrate a balanced, inclusive world being a better world.

Many years ago, I realized our company, Switch Automation, faced a diversity challenge. We had twenty employees, but only two were women. It was daunting to acknowledge that our company, led by me – a female CEO – had become part of the problem. So, we set about working together as a team to fix it.

Statistically, fewer women are choosing to pursue careers in tech and women are leaving tech at twice the rate of men. Like many other software companies, we were posting equal opportunity jobs but 95%+ of our applicants were male. Knowing diverse teams boost productivity, innovation and revenue among other things we asked ourselves, “How can we create an inclusive culture that invites a diverse array of applicants?”


We closely examined all our open roles and actively engaged related groups that support diversity and inclusion to help us identify qualified candidates. We charged each of our team members with spreading the word to their networks that Switch Automation supports women in technology. As we found candidates with passion and enthusiasm for our mission, we encouraged them to apply for open positions even if their backgrounds were in unrelated industries. By remaining open minded, we boosted the number of female applicants and created a broader talent pool to choose from. Today, on International Women’s Day 2019, 50% of our leadership team and 35% of our total employees are female. They are data scientists, mechanical engineers, operations executives, finance experts, marketers, developers and product managers. Even our Board of Directors has strong female representation.

Celebrating with opportunity

Cultivating a culture of diversity and inclusion isn’t a one-and-done project, it’s an ongoing initiative. Today, we continue to work hard to attract a variety of applicants for all our open positions. Our team is heavily embedded in local tech communities around the world. We mentor, volunteer and speak to encourage equal awareness and access to all the opportunity the technology sector offers. At Switch, our Aussie-influenced team enjoys benefits like equity options, amazing pay, generous paid time off and modern co-working environments.

Taking action on International Women’s Day 2019

All that said, we’d like to put our money where our mouths are and share our open opportunities with you. If you’re looking for a game changing career at a global technology company with a meaningful mission, Switch Automation is for you. Our team creates technology that brings people and planet to the center of building operations. So, if you’re a sales hustler looking for a lucrative, upwardly mobile future, a technical trainer with a passion for customer success, or a systems integrator with a knack for connectivity (just to name a few), take a look at our open positions.

In case it’s not already clear, at Switch WOMEN ARE WELCOME.


Deb Noller

CEO, Switch Automation