Switch Automation is a smart building platform for all of your buildings, data, operations and team.

Switch Automation is the software layer that integrates all of the disjointed monitoring and energy metering devices and sub-systems in a building.


We collect and post this data to the cloud where you can analyze, automate and control your real estate assets in real-time.


Our Platform enables retrocommissioning (RCx) or monitoring-based commissioning (MBx) to identify operational inefficiencies, analyze key performance indicators, and draw the road map to directly improve your bottom line.


The best part? We’ve figured out a way to do this quickly, on a budget and at virtually no risk to you or your organization.

Portfolio & Site Management

Connect your portfolio to make strategic operations decisions.

Vendor & Supplier Management

Monitor and analyze vendor performance.

Occupant Satisfaction

Proactively meet tenant and occupant expectations.

Proactive Maintenance

Use data to effectively diagnose and treat maintenance issues.

Energy & Sustainability Management

Actively manage your energy consumption.

Automation & Controls

React in real-time, from anywhere.

Measurement & Verification

Meet your KPIs and prove your ROI.

Smart Building Programs

Leverage technology across your portfolio.

Engineering Services

Leverage retrocommissioning experts to overhaul your buildings and operations.

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