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The Switch Platform



No two enterprises, buildings or teams are identical. The Switch Platform’s views, tools and access-levels can easily be tailored to your unique needs directly in the Platform, at any time.

Software modifications require vendors to hard-code customized settings into the solution through a costly, arduous process each time a change is needed.


The Platform is hardware and data-agnostic, so it can integrate with your buildings’ current and future systems. Our tools are optimized for quick deployment and can be easily configured to fit a wide range of scenarios and enterprise goals.

Proprietary technology prevents IoT integration with various systems and equipment. Designed for single buildings and siloed use cases, these products often require settings to be hard-coded at each site, preventing efficient scale-up and technology evolution.


We’re the only solution that equips enterprises for advanced Portfolio Intelligence, Performance Optimization and Enterprise IoT – all through a single, intuitive Platform. Pairing data aggregation, advanced building analytics and machine learning with fault detection and remote control capabilities, we give you the full suite of tools you need to take business intelligence and building optimization to the next level.

Point solutions must be managed independently. Without seamless building system integration, users waste time and overlook valuable building intelligence and building performance optimization opportunities.


Our end-to-end support model is designed to quickly and effectively deliver results for your enterprise. In addition to Platform support, we provide onboarding, training, best-in-class managed services and even custom development to ensure your program and team is set up for success.

A lack of quality, in-house support necessitates contracts with a fragmented network of consultants, hardware and software vendors and engineering services firms to get a project off the ground.


The Switch Platform enhances collaboration among people and across teams. Create real-time data visualizations, comment on improvement opportunities and share your work directly through the Platform’s easy to use interface.

Without in-platform tools to collaborate and share information, valuable time and resources are wasted on outdated data aggregation, analysis and reporting.


We partner with Intel, Dell and Microsoft to ensure that your information is protected from cyber threats every step of the way. Deployed through secure IoT Gateways and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Switch Platform has passed penetration tests for top technology and financial institutions.

Without security as a primary focus and a necessary condition for success, other solutions may not be configured to protect against hackers, leaving your sensitive data vulnerable to cyber threats.

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