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Identify improvement opportunities and
fine tune building operations.
Leverage B2B integrations, easy-to-use analytics, machine learning and user-configurable fault detection to identify, triage and prioritize performance issues. Use data-based retrocommissioning and continuous commissioning to optimize how building equipment and systems function together.

Senior Facilities Director

Fortune 500 Global Commercial Real Estate services firm

The Southwest region’s buildings had the highest operating costs in our portfolio by a long shot. We integrated them into the Switch Platform and deployed a consistent, centrally-managed library of fault rules across the entire region’s portfolio. The Switch Platform notified us of optimization opportunities right away and we saved 10% on our energy bills. It also gave us the tools to hold vendors accountable for maintaining sites in compliance with our corporate standards.
Standardize metrics and reports across your portfolio from a single platform. Empower your team to effectively communicate, prioritize and track performance with site analysis dashboards. Quickly identify deficiencies and drill down on sensor data to uncover the root causes behind site issues.
Use simple rule-based logic and mobile apps with a modern UI to configure and prioritize your alerts. Our out-of-box alert notifications instantly inform your team about urgent building issues; and Alert settings and fault rules are highly configurable to filter out the noise and ensure the right people have visibility into the right things at the right time.
Maximize newfound granular visibility into your buildings—from HVAC, refrigeration and lighting, to elevators, security systems, people-counting sensors and work order systems full of help desk tickets—use simple FDD tools to analyze root cause, pinpoint costly problems and remotely resolve issues in minutes. Keeping your portfolio at peak performance reduces costs, supports sustainability and increases occupant comfort.

Optimize site performance with the Switch Events management feature, so that team members can detail issues, assign tasks and closely track the collaborative solution process from one single source of the truth. Our suite of user-friendly tools help gamify the end-to-end RCx, CCx and MBx process and quickly skill up your digital FM team.

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One Platform, infinite possibilities.

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