Powered by Switch

Technology framework for accelerating

Build and launch your new digital products and services on top of our robust, secure, and proven technology framework.

Powered by Switch

A technology framework for accelerating

Wondering how you can fast-track new products and services?

You need to quickly launch competitive products and services that complement your traditional offering without having to design the underlying infrastructure. We help you build the sizzle not the sausage.

Powered By Switch is a comprehensive full-stack technology architecture that can be enables you to build branded applications that immediately fulfill gaps in your offering.

A full-stack architecture for companies accelerating go-to-market

Featured case study

Switch + Microsoft Azure | Oxford Properties

Switch partners with Microsoft Azure to provide crucial data infrastructure for Oxford’s smart building program.

Digital download
Managing real estate in a time of crisis

COVID-19 destroyed occupancy rates and working from home poses a real threat to commercial real estate. In order to get back to normal, we have to make the occupants feel safe. In this e-book, we explain why remote building analysis, reporting and control is essential during a global crisis.