Switch DL

Digital layer for the built environment

An open, scalable and flexible platform for portfolios transitioning their buildings and teams to digital and low-carbon buildings.

A comprehensive platform for digital buildings and smart building teams

Is your portfolio transitioning to a digital operating model?

Buildings today need technology that supports a digital transformation with tools that enable data-driven operations for quick response in real-time to changing conditions.

The Switch DL is an end-to-end solution that will streamline your operations across multiple geographies, and building types, ensuring proactive management of the built environment.

Switch DL in action

Switch + Microsoft Azure | Oxford Properties

“Oxford Properties has created the foundation for a data-driven future for our portfolio, as evidenced by hitting our $1M milestone. Now that we have a crucial data infrastructure in place, we’ll be able to solve any number of challenges that come our way in the future. This is really what ‘future-proofing’ is all about.”

David Giddings | Director, Smart Buildings | Oxford Properties

Digital download
Managing real estate in a time of crisis

Covid-19 destroyed occupancy rates and working from home poses a real threat to commercial real estate. In order to get back to normal, we have to make the occupants feel safe. In this e-book, we explain why remote building analysis, reporting and control is essential during a global crisis.