Healthy Buildings

Increase tenant confidence by demonstrating your office space is safe, healthy and secure

Project Snapshot

Occupants, Business Owners, Landlords, Co-working Managers, Portfolio Managers, Leasing Managers, Operational Teams, Facilities Managers

Building Type
All occupied buildings

Equipment Impacted

Existing Condition

Conditions of buildings are often not monitored or maintained, leading to poor indoor air quality for occupants. Even if they are monitored, they may not be balanced with occupancy counts to ensure spaces maintain high air quality while occupied.


Use the Switch Platform to integrate and monitor data sources to measure, verify and communicate the health of your buildings to tenants. Adjust ventilation rates automatically to increase the amount of outdoor air brought in based on occupancy rates and the number of pollutants in the air.


Monitoring air quality and adjusting ventilation accordingly enables building operators to maintain healthy spaces for their occupants, leading to higher tenant satisfaction and confidence in returning to buildings.