Occupant Experience

Attract and retain tenants by creating healthy, comfortable and productive spaces 

Project Snapshot

Landlords, Leasing Managers, Building Operators, Portfolio Managers, Tenants

Building Type
All occupied buildings

Equipment Impacted
All connected building devices and technology that tenants interact with while occupying a space

Existing Condition

How an occupant interacts with a building significantly impacts their experience and comfort, from viewing available parking spots or bike lockers, to lighting, temperature, humidity, cleanliness, and ease of putting in a service request. The way this is handled varies widely for each building and may use a different system to handle each one, which can affect overall tenant satisfaction.


Conduct a Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery) scan for devices on the building’s network and use Switch’s extensive driver library to integrate disparate data streams into the Switch Platform. Use Switch workspaces to visualize and leverage building data for operations regarding the occupant experience.


Monitoring, automating and optimizing conditions helps move building maintenance from reactive to predictive–alerting facilities managers to equipment malfunctions before occupant comfort is affected. Aggregating disparate data sources into the Switch Platform allows for streamline operations, enhancing the occupant experience.