Operational Efficiency

Transition to data-driven operations to save time, energy and money

Project Snapshot

Portfolio Managers, Energy Managers, Operational teams, Facilities Managers

Building Type
All commercial and industrial buildings

Equipment Impacted
Chillers, VAVs, AHUs, RTUs, radiators (all equipment that uses energy)

Existing Condition

Many buildings are operating with low visibility into whether systems are running for optimized efficiency. Building systems often waste energy due to poor operational strategy, operator or system overrides and equipment or sensor degradation.


Apply Switch analytics such as data commissioning, equipment scores, fault detection, optimization logic, energy benchmarking and anomaly detection, which provide visibility of opportunities and potential improvements in clear, easy-to-read dashboards with notifications. Use Switch Events to track opportunities and communicate with all stakeholders, store snapshots linking directly to all live dashboards, trends and raw data to come to a resolution.


Improved performance and efficiency of system and equipment using an automated process for detecting potential issues affecting performance.