Space Utilization

Know and convey to your tenants and occupants when and how space is utilized 

Project Snapshot

Landlords, tenants, co-working, lease managers

Building Type
Co-working spaces, commercial real estate

Equipment Impacted
People counting, sensors, occupancy (anything with operational variance based on occupancy)

Existing Condition

Monitoring space use across different teams often varies, resulting in inconsistent occupancy counts. For example, to track occupancy building operations teams may use lighting and occupancy sensors, the cleaning crew may use people counting or volume of soap in the restrooms, the security team may use badge swipes, the leasing manager may use the room booking system and IT may use network logins.


Aggregate all types of different occupancy metrics in the Switch Platform to get a full picture of space utilization. By bringing disparate data sources together, teams will have a single source of truth when it comes to tracking occupancy.


Get a complete and accurate picture of space utilization using all occupant metrics available in your building. Use Switch workspaces to easily visualize and share relevant information with tenants.