Switch Dx3

Digital Device Discovery

An on-demand, digital audit of your building network, systems, devices and firmware.

Fast-tracking your results in digital buildings

Are your buildings ready for your smart building program?

Hold vendors accountable, gain insight into your existing investments and stay informed for decisions on smart building investments.

Switch Dx3 will de-risk your smart building program by assessing your building infrastructure before you start your journey. Switch Dx3 will instantly identify buildings that are digital-ready, making it easier to prioritize your capital investment.

Switch Dx3 in action

“Auditing our ten sites for smart building readiness was crucial, particularly since three of our ten buildings were completely unfit for the retro-commissioning projects we want to pursue. Identifying and addressing these issues ensured that sensors were properly installed and calibrated, our network connectivity was healthy, and that our portfolio was ready for performance benchmarking and optimization.”

Digital download
Managing real estate in a time of crisis

COVID-19 destroyed occupancy rates and working from home poses a real threat to commercial real estate. In order to get back to normal, we have to make the occupants feel safe. In this e-book, we explain why remote building analysis, reporting and control is essential during a global crisis.