Switch Dx³: An on-demand building systems network assessment

We’re proud to announce the next generation of Switch Dx3 (Digital Device Discovery), a smart building solutions tool that provides crucial insight into your building systems network. Switch Dx3 scans building devices and systems to assess connectivity, data quality, network integrity and overall digital readiness.

Switch Dx3 streamlines device connectivity with an on-demand building systems network assessment, allowing users to:

  • Get an overview of their building network and systems via the Switch Dx³ dashboard and continuously evaluate network environment as changes occur over time
  • Assess digital readiness and prepare for building performance benchmarking and optimization
  • Review their site devices’ firmware versions, integration ports and protocols, assist in identifying potential network integration challenges or vulnerabilities
  • Identify key metrics before launching a smart building program

So what’s new?

The latest release of Switch Dx3 features an interface redesigned from the ground up, making building network scans easier to understand for new and experienced users alike.

The new Digital Readiness Score tile summarizes the integrity of each sites’ building network with an overall percentage, taking into account the speed of connected devices, exposed device ports, firmware consistency and more. This score demonstrates whether or not a site has passed the threshold of being ‘smart building ready’ and therefore fit for performance benchmarking, optimization and more at different times, according to our integration expertise.

Next, the Factors Impacting Your Score tile provides an insight into how your connected building systems and devices have changed, providing clear next steps on how to improve network connectivity and communications to increase the volume of opportunities for fault detection and more.

The Network Performance tile shows how many devices are offline or responding slowly, issues that users will want to address to ensure reliable building performance analytics.

The new dashboard also highlights which network ports are open and potentially vulnerable to cyber security breeches, and how consistent your device firmware is. Users can drill down on the above tiles to gain further insight, exploring device manufacturers, device types, the status of each device and much more.

See our latest webinar about how Switch Dx3 can help your operations team establish network health and smart building readiness.

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