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Switch Dx³
(Digital Device Discovery)

Streamline device connectivity with an
on-demand building systems network assessment.
Switch Dx³ integrates building systems, sensors and devices to assess connectivity, network integrity and readiness for smart building technologies. Get an immediate overview of your building network systems via the Switch Dx³ dashboard, which displays connected devices on the building network, highlights potential vulnerabilities and paves the way for further smart building integration.

Portfolio Energy Manager

Fortune 500 commercial real estate services firm, Chicago

Switch Dx³ validates the 70,000+ working sensors from HVAC, lighting and metering systems across our portfolio and shows which of them are disconnected or incorrectly calibrated. Knowing that our IoT sensors are feeding accurate data back to the Platform gives my team a solid foundation to develop our smart building program.

Plug-and-play IoT appliance with secure, cross-industry support (BRICK, Haystack, GRESB) digs real-time data out of buildings to help you fully understand your device and network connectivity status.

The Switch Dx³ dashboard identifies connected building systems; checks building digital readiness by displaying device firmware versions, integration ports and protocols; and identifies potential network security threats. Take this first step to establish a solid foundation for building performance benchmarking and optimization.
Machine learning seamlessly names and tags data to save your team tedious labor hours and ensure consistency across your portfolio.
Our in-house team of dedicated integration specialists will help bridge the gap between your IT and building management teams to seamlessly integrate your building systems.
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